Not sure what brand voice is all about? Allow us to demonstrate.

This is a piece of copy about brand voice. It’s been written to show you just how much of a difference tone can have. Because while your purpose, your products or your messaging might stick to a fairly narrow path, the ways you can dress up those words are endless.

So as you see these words changing shape before your eyes, ask yourself. How would I change the conversation? It usually takes more than the click of a button – but that’s what we’re here for.

Welcome to our little story about brand voice. Using nothing but words (and some snazzy behind-the-scenes programming) we’re going to show you exactly how the whole thing works. In action!

You’re probably starting to catch on by now. With the right combination of words delivered in just the right tone, you can achieve a whole lot of amazing. And honestly, it doesn’t even matter what you’re working with – whether it’s a new gadget or a government service, your words can do wonders.

Ready to start the conversation? We’ve got just the word… ‘Hi’.

This is brand voice.

Where every word counts, nothing goes unsaid, and tone makes anything possible.

Not everything in business can go this far. Some things have limitations. When it comes to words, we beg to differ.

We’re not here to tell you, we’re here to show you. It’s your story. You decide where it goes.

We know it takes a lot of effort to make your words sound effortless, but we’re up to it.

Behold, brand voice.

Racing through these paragraphs, it’s adapted perfectly to its natural surroundings – and taken on an extraordinary tone.

Unlike other areas of business, words have the ability to move in any direction with breathtaking beauty.

Here, on this webpage, we’ll take you to some of the most remote regions of business language and show you sentences never seen before.

With considerable effort, they can flourish anywhere. But here, all that’s needed is a button.

Shit hot. Shithole. Small shifts in language can change meaning seismically – and that’s before you even get onto tone.

Want your words to speak volumes? Often how you say something says as much as what you say. Like the brilliant KFC ad that apologised for running out of chicken in just one squawk-long syllable. “FCK.”

Proof that three letters of raw honesty is sometimes all it takes to silence the competition, language is here to fix when something else fails.

Run out of words? XXVI can help get your shh together.