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The help word.

A new XXVI Brand Voice is a thing of beauty. But no matter how fitting it is – or how clear the guidelines are – brand voice can still be a reasonably foreign concept for everyone except the people who were involved in the process. For this reason, we offer a range of workshops to help implement your Brand Voice across your organisation.

Enjoy the sound of your own voice
Like most things, writing is a skill that gets better with practice. And while we can’t all be literary geniuses, with the right help and an open mind everyone can master – and enjoy – the ins and outs of your brand’s new voice.

Our range of implementation workshops

Internal Workshop: 1 Hour Overview

Learn about it.

What’s a brand voice? How do I write in one? And how does it relate to my day-to-day role here?

If these are some of the questions your people are asking, then this workshop is going to be a godsend. Designed as an introduction to your new Brand Voice, this 1 hour workshop also aims to give you an insight into where it’s come from, how we got there, and how your people are going to bring it to life in the days, weeks and months ahead.

A thought provoking, informative, and fun session, this workshop is open to an unlimited number of participants.

Internal Workshop: 2 Hour Writing Practice

Find out more.

This workshop has been designed to introduce your new Brand Voice to your organisation’s writing champions. Mixing theory with practice, this 2-hour workshop aims to give up to 8 attendees an insight into where your new Brand Voice has come from, how we got there, and how they’re going to bring it to life in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Thought provoking, fun, and most importantly hands-on, in this workshop we’ll practice writing in your new style, using real examples from across the business. If attendees have any examples that have been causing them headaches, then bring them along and we can have a look at them in the session.

Other than that, we just need them to bring a pad, a pen (or keyboard), an open-mind and a willingness to have a go.

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