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Numbers by name.
Words by nature.

Welcome to XXVI. Named after the 26 letters of the English alphabet, we’re Australia’s first dedicated brand language consultancy.

Established in 2005 by Scott Lawrie, today we have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, and count some of the biggest brands in the world as our clients.

We’re putting the meaning back into words

Our purpose is to create deeper, more emotive connections between brands and people. Because in our eyes, words are one of the most mistreated commodities in the modern world – especially when it comes to business.

Somewhere along the way, business language was consumed by a tide of grey, redundant MBA buzzwords. Today, it’s our aim to rewrite that kind of language, and liberate words to their rightful place – to make life easier, faster, better and sometimes even funnier.

Meet the XXVI team.